Bocko: Low-res Clojure Graphics

May 24, 2015

Bocko provides an extra dimension for those learning Clojure: The ability to plot colorful graphics.

The REPL offers a great interactive textual environment for learners. Bocko aims to extend this with with simple commands like (plot 3 2) to easily get something on the screen.

Bocko can be used to plot into a window on your computer, a canvas in a browser, or even an iOS device. (The latter two using ClojureScript.)

Bocko is aimed at beginners and is limited to just six commands, each with helpful doc output.

To get started, just use any one of these Leiningen commands to set up a pre-configured environment:

  • lein new bocko my-project
  • lein new bocko-canvas my-canvas-project
  • lein new bocko-ios my-ios-project

After running any of the above, you will find a short at the top-level of the project, explaining how to get up and running in a minute or so.

My hope is that Bocko will encourage learning Clojure and ClojureScript, especially younger learners!

Tags: Clojure