ClojureScript Mainia

July 29, 2015

Planck can now dynamically execute a ClojureScript file, passing command line arguments into a -main entry point.

Let's say we want to write a script to compute Pythagorean distance.

(ns pythag.core)

(defn square [x]
  (* x x))

(defn dist [x y]
    (+ (square x)
       (square y))))

(defn -main [a b]
    (dist (js/parseInt a)
          (js/parseInt b))))

Note that, at the bottom we've supplied a main entry point which deals with the I/O and calls our dist function.

We drop this script into a file src/pythag/core.cljs, and then we can execute it thusly:

$ planck -c src -m pythag.core 3 4

How does this work? When you pass -m to Planck, it essentially does steps that are analogous to what you would get if you issued these forms at the REPL:

(require 'pythag.core)
((var pythag.core/-main) "3" "4")

And this, as it should, prints 5.

Tags: Planck ClojureScript Bootstrap