Loading ClojureScript into Your iPhone

August 11, 2015

Previously, Replete allowed you to open ClojureScript source files from other apps (edited in Lisping, for example).

With Replete 1.1, you can now load a directory of source files using iTunes File Sharing.

Here's how to do it: Let's say you want to find out if the source from Portable Macro Musing is truly… portable.

  1. Make a src dir on your Mac, say—on your desktop.
  2. Place the source files in that folder, adhering—as you normally would—to the Java classpath conventions (using underscores instead of dashes).
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer using its USB cable, and launch iTunes.
  4. Find Replete within iTunes and and drag the src directory to the Replete Documents section of File Sharing. (See iTunes File Sharing for more detail.)
  5. Now within Replete you can load the source using require.

Here is what this looks like for the Portable Macro Musing code:


Of course, this doesn't provide a way to edit the code directly on your device. But, it provides a handy way to carry around a library of your favorite utility functions.

More will definitely be coming in the future!

Tags: ClojureScript Replete