ClojureScript on Apple TV

December 16, 2015

With some minor tweaks, Ethan Sherbondy has sorted out how to get a ClojureScript environment running on the Apple TV with a non-trivial app!

Ethan put together a prototype game that makes use of the Apple TV remote for input and Ejecta for rendering. (Previously, Ambly was revised to help when using it with libraries like Ejecta.)

What's cool is that all of the normal ClojureScript dev tooling works as expected. In particular, you can establish a REPL into your Apple TV app, manipulate its state, load new code, etc.

What changes were needed?

  1. Make use of master of GCDWebServer, which has support for tvOS.
  2. A minor tweak to Ambly's sample AppDelegate to write to NSCachesDirectory.
  3. An update to the Ambly podspec to indicate it supports tvOS.

An update to Ambly will ultimately be released with these changes.

I never cease to be amazed by what members of the ClojureScript community put together!

Here is a demo by Ethan showing what it looks like:



Tags: Ambly ClojureScript