Planck Colors

February 4, 2016

This is a fun one: Planck now has colors! Here's what it looks like:

I got the idea after having tried out the Boot REPL. In fact, the underlying Planck implementation is based on the same ANSI utilities in Pretty that Boot uses, but ported for use in the self-hosted ClojureScript environment of Planck.

This ends up having evaluation results in blue, compiler warnings and other *err* output in red, and exceptions in a (festive?) mixture of bold red and green.

Also :repl-verbose output (enabled via -v) is in cyan, which really makes output more readable when in this mode.

I like it! This will end up in Planck 1.10. As usual, if you'd like to try this kind of stuff before it is released, see the insructions on how to Install Master.

And, if adding colors, in any way, gets the younger crowd interested in messing around with Clojure, I'm all for that!

Tags: Planck ClojureScript Bootstrap